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Women, Let Go & Let God…”Look For A Man That Seeks God” -Hold Tight!

On the search for love, everybody plays the fool at least once. Hearts tend to get broken because of false expectations and hopeful delusions. Everybody’s familiar with the pain that pierces your heart when you realize it was all just an illusion. You wanted so badly for them to be the one to love you for the rest of your days. You cried and you tried so hard to have your way. All you wanted was for love to appear and stay…but you realized you were playing the fool and had to walk away. Now you’re a little older and your heart is a bit colder, but you’re much wiser and so much stronger. No longer do you live in your hopeless fantasies. You have woken up to reality. It feels like there’s an icebox where your heart used to be. Hold on. Don’t give up on love’s infinite possibilities. Love will surpass your dreams, WHEN IT’S MEANT TO BE. 

He’s got that swag that you like…when he comes around you melt like ice. He only wants one thing. You know he has no intention of giving you a ring. But he looks so good to your eyes, from his style to his smile, the man has you hypnotized..
“Do I play along or put up my walls?”…”Maybe if he gets to know me…I’ll get him to fall- (in love)”. The closer he gets, the more you weaken your defense. You tell yourself…”Girl..what are you doing?…he only wants your sex”
Is one night of pleasure really worth leaving your integrity at the door? To a man who only wants to use you and behind your back, call you a whore? When temptation comes your way to entice your soul, remember that you are worth more than gold. You belong to the Most High God who sits on the world’s throne. Don’t let anyone treat you like a hoe. You’re better off alone. 

It’s actually a manifestation of my true beauty, not just what you can see, but ALL of me. I understand that you say I am pretty, smart, sexy to you and I really turn you on just by being in your presence … That makes me blush, it really does … but what really excites me is that I discovered Gods love for me and the way He sees me. Did you know I’m really special to Him no matter what I say or do, did you know that he created me with perfection in mind, did you know that in between my legs he placed genuine diamonds, pearls, and rubies as a bonus to all this beauty he designed.

He already had my husband in mind and those jewels he placed in a certain place, as a reward for him when the time was right. It took me some time to figure all that out, but now that I KNOW wouldn’t it be so silly of me to continue to carelessly give those jewels away or allow someone to steal them with a few slick words and some swag, or trade them in for something far less valuable like a drug addict would in a moment of desperately needing a fix. I mean in actuality a moment of passion or lust can’t really afford all the value in my jewels, now can it? It would truly be a crime. However, I don’t think you should take any of this personal.

A man of God will pray with you, and in your hardest times, stay with you. He won’t be in a rush to lay with you… because his goal will be to make you say “I Do”. A man of God will respect and cherish you, love and protect you, because he’ll know that you’re his Heavenly vision come true. A man of God will have spiritual eyes and your worth, he will instantly recognize. He will be more attractive to you than any model from the covers of the magazines, because there’s nothing sexier than a righteous man who kneels in prayer to our Lord, The King of All Kings. 

If you fall in love because someone makes you laugh, what happens when you no longer find them funny? If you fall in love because someone is beautiful, what happens when that beauty fades? If you fall in love because someone can provide for you, what happens when they lose wealth? Real love defies all reasons. When you truly love someone, you do not look for reasons, you see beyond reasons. 

And last but not least…Fellas, A good woman is there through thick and thin, all the highs and the lows. She is loyal, determined, educated, supportive, nurturing and a good communicator. She has her priorities in order and knows there is more to a relationship than the physical. She is wise enough to not tolerate lying, cheating and/or any type of abuse. She is rare these days, a diamond in the rough, or precious jewel whose value is priceless, so never take her for granted. Instead of ripping and running the streets, never let go of this woman, give her all your love, necessary attention and time because there plenty of guys who wish they had what you have at home!



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