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Its 0:00 Time “Time To Wake Up”

Hours, minutes, seconds and moments pass by you. Time evolves around your life, every second is left with a thought. A wasted moment forgotten through time.

Though time is easily forgotten, a feeling is not quite. Foolish to think, you are to fool yourself. You smile a thousand times, yet your heart stays dull. It wraps itself a blindfold, refusing to see the world, your smile becomes its eyes, though its sight still, remains blurred.

Memories, and feelings, thoughts and reveries, all flood back in one wasted bundle.
So many chances, so many ideas-all wasted. All because of the thought of how life would react to it? All because of the fear kept inside you? All because your heart just wouldn’t let go of its cursed blindfold?

Its time to untie it. Its time to see the world. Its time to see life. Its time to stop being afraid. You do not realise, the strength of your own voice. Reveal yourself and be the change you want to see in the world.

Excuse the inexcusable, break the unbreakable, accept the unacceptable and do the impossible.

Remember, to continue to grow and evolve. Remember to take care of every moment. But most of all, remember that life itself is nothing but a road. All you need to do is follow it.



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