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Living Well By – God’s Grace

Learning how to stay calm and centered in your own energy while experiencing the energies, thoughts, and feelings of the people around you might be called “being transparent.” When you are transparent, you can comfortably be with many different kinds of people. You can learn to enjoy what is positive about them and find ways to go even higher when you are around energies that are not as harmonious as your own.

It is important to notice when people do not speak to you from their higher selves. Respond to them with compassion, as you would respond to a small child who did not know any better. People cannot hurt you; only you can choose to hurt yourself by your response to them. This gives you the ultimate power to control the world you experience. If you are able to choose your responses, you can choose to feel joy and peace, and thus change your world.

“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside can’t hurt you.” African proverb


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