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Love People Not Things~

We must become aware of what we give value to, what we consider power. When we start thinking that our heritage is the best, our gender, our race, our economic class, these all are just categories that do nothing but create more illusion of separation. We think our cause is the only one worthy of attention, our house is more important than the neighbors, our cars more precious, our meeting more valuable, this is dangerous water we tread in, it is feeding energy into the ultimate illusion that any one of us is any more important than each other or any other being. There is nothing in nature that lives only for itself, everything you can possibly imagine is connected; rivers do not drink their own water and trees do not eat their own fruit, you never hear either one of them complaining about supplying us for free these amazing resources. We are just as deeply connected to one another, when we turn a cold shoulder for fear we may get hurt; we only hurt ourselves in the long run. This goes for when we feel we have a right to live where we do, as if the animals and insects who inhabited the land before we did have no purpose or right to co-exist with us, as if just because we handed in a piece of paper for so called rights to territory all of a sudden we are above all else. We must bring our selves to become aware of the basic fact that everything on this planet has a specific divine purpose, just as important as our own divine purpose; It’s that simple Image


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