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“Men Need Some Of The Same Things That We Ask For Too”

I get the privilege to hear on a day to day basis women deserves this, women deserves that. I’ll ask you what is it exactly does a man deserve? Some people tend to think that having a woman means that a man should bow down. Beyond popular belief, men deserves a woman who will encourage and appreciate him as well. Love and respect him also. Its not always about what a woman’s wants and need. His want’s and needs matter too. He doesn’t have to settle either. Men have self-worth like a woman does. He need to be loved and respected as well. I will tell any man just like I’d tell a woman, if it can be worked out then work it out. If it can’t, then LEAVE! You deserve better. This page isn’t all about women. Men go through the bs as well. Men want their hearts protected and deserves the right to know that they matter as well, not being dogged because of past experiences (that’s reserved for the person that done it to you personally). There are good men out here who wants a good woman, not past/current drama. Love the men who is legitimately trying to love you, not abuse them. On this page here its about good men and women. Not bitterness from either or. Learn from each other. Encourage each other. And respect each other. Not degrade each other


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