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Pay Attenion To YOur Partners Vibrations



Some people think that a relationship is like a Facebook account where they can log in and log out at any time they want! But I disagree with them. I think a relationship is like a JOINT BANK account where every partner has to be depositing something to keep it healthy. It makes no sense when one partner is investing in his/her attention, love, care, loyalty… while the other is sited on the bench …side watching and benefiting a lone. The relationship becomes boring and meaningless hence breaking down. So, if you want to make your relationship last longer with happiness and to be admirable, put in some effort. Sacrifice the little you have got for your partner, however little it is it’ll mean a lot to them. Remember little things take the biggest part in our hearts and they’re always memorable. Last but not the least, value your partner’s time, care, love, their daily calls, messages and everything they do for you because that’s what they can afford. You may think it’s too small than what you deserve but someone is out there longing for that and they wish to replace you some day. Keep investing and fighting for your relationship my friends and always include it in your prayers.


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