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An Open Letter To My Future Husband~

Dear Husband of My Future…

This road has not been easy, I have been deceived, calling other by your name in my heart. These men who have let me down, broken my heart, betrayed my trust, and left me. You may not be the first man to love me,… kiss me, dance with me but I promise that you will be the last.

I realize that sex is not merely for pleasure but it is a responsibility and a bond that should be shared between a husband and wife. I will refrain from sexual activity until the day that you and I exchange our vows in front of our loving family and friends, sealing our promises with an “I do.” I have also been a witness of the detriment that sex before marriage can bring and I wish to give our marriage a fair chance. Sexual intercourse can spiritually and emotionally tie you to a person and I wish to walk with as little baggage as humanly possible in your direction. No disrespect to anyone else and their choices. I am using this time to learn more about myself as a person and even learn what it means to be a wife as opposed to a girlfriend.

Lead me closer to God. Remind me why I love Jesus by the simple act of your faith. Be a man of prayer. Pray with me every day and share what God is teaching you, with me. Don’t place bars across your heart. Be honest…even when it’s not popular. Although I have yet to lay eyes on you, I have faith that you are worth the wait. Contrary to what I used to believe, you will not complete me, but you will compliment the whole person that I already I am.

Be the spiritual leader of our home. Believe the Bible. Beginning to end. Be a man that the rest of the world looks at and sees Jesus. Raise our children to love God. Speak Original pin with love, but always readily share your frustrations with me.

When the storms of life inevitably tremble the timbers of our home and threaten to rattle the foundation of our love, promise to never leave. To never allow the word “divorce” to enter our words, even in jest. 

Hold me when I cry. Take me in your arms even when I can’t speak the pain. I want to spend the rest of my life in your arms, being reminded that I’ve been waiting for just this moment…with you. Cuddle with me at night. Touch me and touch me often. Hug me for no reason. Kiss my temple. Always kiss me goodnight.

Be my toughest critique and my biggest fan. Surround our home in God’s love, the sound of joy and the ready promise of laughter. Share in the joy of friendship. Take me to church. Love children, especially our children and remind them every night that you do.

I will not date guy after guy just to appease my boredom or to satisfy my temporary loneliness. I don’t wish to come to you with a shattered heart covered in scars and bruises seeking for you to put the pieces back together. I refuse to enter our relationship not trusting you because of something some other guy did or did not do in the past that I could’ve completely avoided had I just waited for you. I will not jump at the first guy who smiles at me. I’ve been the church girl devastated to find out that the church boy she had been dating had been dating every church girl in and within a 25-block radius of said church. I will guard my heart as PROVERBS 4:23 instructs me to and I will follow the instructions of Song of Solomon by “not awakening love until its time” and setting my affections on no one other than you. Whoever you are.

Find your dream and chase hard in the direction God places you. Take my hand and I’ll run with you.

Be my best friend. My lover. My soul mate.

Signed, Image“The Woman That Will Be Dedicated To Doing The Same”


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