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Squeezed out!

The saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” denotes a bitter truth. You will at times put forth your best efforts to be a kind, useful and compassionate person, even if it seems as if you are sacrificing your pride, security and comfort. Unfortunately for some, those sacrifices are only valuable when they are given to them in their position of vulnerability and need, yet when they have moved beyond their perceived worthiness of you and proceeded to a space of assumed “self sufficiency”, suddenly their perspective is flipped to where you become viewed as their burden.

Being an empathetic person, you willingly set yourself up for an additional share of disappointment, sorrow, anger and pain besides that in which you personally own and bear responsibility for. People will change like the weather from warm to cold in an instance, but the best thing to remember is that although it was your heart which allowed you to walk the direction in which the road is leading, it will be your mind that can grant you the foresight to alter your course and guide you in a direction where your needs, efforts and wants are best tended to and not taken advantage of.

In summary: don’t allow the unappreciative and the disillusioned to serve as your navigator, take the charge to program your own internal GPS, with logic and self preservation as imperatives.


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