We’ve heard all the feminist arguments about how women are supposed to feel. Strong. Independent. Capable of doing it all… having it all. No man required except, of course, for his sperm. While all of this may be true, can we just be honest? At the end of the day, the undeniable truth is that the heart of a woman – even the über – accomplished woman – still yearns to surrender to that special man, who truly hears her. Beneath many a hardened exterior lies a tender heart that simply longs for unconditional acceptance and loyalty. Perhaps, women have become hardened because men have forgotten their true role in the gender equation…that of “Protector”…and that the most important thing a woman can give him to protect is her heart. When a woman sees by ACTION that a man is there for her, to love her through her “stuff,” that’s when the walls come down. Never forget, love is never about what’s in it for me, but how can I serve you? 


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