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Soul Vibrations -VS-Soulmates

“It is certain that you can find the relationships that you desire, but first there is something very important that you must do: you must become a Vibrational match to the qualities that you seek, because what comes to you always matches you.

Often people believe finding a mate who loves them will be the answer to everything missing in their life experience. They want to find that one person who will, in essence, complete them. And almost without exception, they want that person, right here, right now!

But because we understand the Law of Attraction as we do, we encourage them to ease up a bit on the “right here, right now” part, for this very important reason: If you insist on choosing a mate right now, that mate will be a Vibrational match to how you feel right now. The person who comes right now will be a match to the person you are right now. When you are feeling misunderstood or lonely, or unloved, you cannot find a mate who will offer anything different to you.”


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