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Sex & Spirit ~Intimacy

The one thing that attracts us to each other is still the one thing that drives us apart. As good as sex is and feels physically, it still creates major areas of conflict emotionally, spiritually and relationally. There is a whole lot of bitterness, resentment, animosity, mistrust and hatred between men and women because of all of the sexual games, bedroom lies and selfish motives attached to sex. Sex is not a contact sport. It’s the highest physical expression of love that a couple can share with one another. When expressed in a committed, safe and covenant relationship, it is a wonderful thing. When utilized outside of the proper context, it can be a major source of conflict, hurt, pain and disappointment which can bleed into future relationships. 


RELATIONSHIP TIP: Avoid boredom in the bedroom. Don’t turn your bedroom into a courtroom. Leave unfinished business, quarrels & fights out of the bedroom. Let your bedroom be a place of bonding & intimacy with your spouse. Let your bedroom be a place of peace, prayer & play. Let your bedroom be a place of security & refuge for your spouse. Let your bedroom be a place to unwind & relax with your spouse. It is in the bedroom on the sacred marriage bed where the oneness of marriage is perfected. Make your bedroom exceptionally pleasant & the most peaceful room in your house. Make the bedroom so enticing & fascinating that the thought of coming home to the bedroom will cause your spouse to leave everyone & everything to come home running to you. 

There’s more than just the physical when it comes to SEX; there is a deeply spiritual component where TWO become ONE. Your naked body should belong only to those who fall in love with your naked soul. Image



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