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“Fellas Pay Attention, For She Is The Greater Teacher.”

Too many men get stuck in the “She loves it when I slam into her over and over and over again” syndrome. What so many men fail to realize is that what she wants is largely dependent on her current mood, the time of the month (meaning: where she’s at chemically and hormonally in her cycle), her experiences that day, what she’s thinking about at the time. Based on her mental state, she’ll have her own rhythm, and if a guy wants to give her the most pleasure, he needs to stop thinking he knows what she wants… and start *listening* to where she’s at. By paying attention, he’ll get real-time feedback on what she likes and doesn’t like… and be able to do more of what gives pleasure. 

Bottom Line: Guys – 1) A woman’s largest erogenous zone is… her mind; and 2) Foreplay doesn’t start when you walk in the bedroom. Seduction starts long before, and is a combination of what you say, how you look at her, and [partially] how she interprets your primal desire. And 3) Get your ego out of the way and just *listen*. She’s listening to her body and what works for her… if you join her, the payoff is huge.Image


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