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“It takes courage to become your real self”



“It takes courage to live as your authentic self. Some people, even family members, may not want to accept the real you. But if you don’t live that way, you become less of yourself and limit what you can do. Walking to the beat of your own drum allows you to use all your gifts and be there for others. Every choice you make contains the choice to be authentic. When you choose to live as who you really are, you become your best self.”  “It’s not the situation you’re in that matters but how you see the situation. That determines the choices and forks you find. Everyone goes through struggles and difficulties during their life. Sometimes we find ourselves in a room without windows or doors. That is an illusion created in our own mind. A new window, new perspective and new awareness await us when we go beyond our emotions to the place of inner wisdom. The path to a better place patiently waits for us.” Image 



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