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“Just Learn The Lesson”


Ladies & Gents – God and love doesn’t initiate pain, hurt or a broken heart! God didn’t send someone to manipulate, use or abuse you. YOUR CHOICE to love the wrong person did magnifying the emotions, feelings and ache in your heart! What you allow, put up with or enable in your life is the direct determinants of your happiness, peace of mind and well being! (REREAD THAT UNTIL IT SINKS IN) 

Meaning – Distance yourself, limit communication, leave, or get rid of people who are controlling, filled with negativity, bring you down and/or treat you less than you know you deserve to be treated! Pray for discernment, to be surrounded by people that uplift and love you for the great person you are!


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  1. Amazes me how God uses just the right people with just the right words. Thank you. 🙂

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