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“Learn to pace yourself”

If you attempt to do too much at once, you can end up doing not much at all. It is focus, not frenzy, that brings the best achievements to fruition.

Give respect and love to what you’re doing by giving the whole of your attention to it. Your efforts are vastly more effective when your mind is clearly focused.

Remember, the goal is not merely to be busy. The goal is to make a positive, meaningful difference.

When your mind is filled with dozens of different concerns and priorities, its awesome power becomes severely diluted. Make full use of your thoughts, your skills and your actions by not letting them become too scattered. 

Be eager, enthusiastic and ambitious about doing more, but not so much that you lose focus on what you’re doing now. Do one thing well, with great focus, then the next, and the next. 

Make the choice to focus, and you make the choice to significantly improve your effectiveness. Finish the first thing before turning your attention to the next thing, and you’ll be able to do everything better.


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