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Can Money Buy Happiness??

If somebody says that money makes someone happy, ask them what happiness is. Are they happy with who they are inside? Money CAN bring an easier lifestyle with joyous moments. Ever notice how money makes some people’s lives less stressful, while it makes others’ lives more stressful? I believe that money magnifies who someone truly is deep inside. People often say that money changed somebody they know, but maybe they didn’t know that person entirely before. It’s probable that person didn’t even know themselves before. If someone was broke, always loving and caring, then they came into money, and are now selfish and cold, it is because they were not strong enough within to see clearly after obtaining the money. They have not changed, they have only grown. Those who have a core of positImageivity, and let their heart guide them through life, can continue to grow positively with money. Those who live their life not connected with themselves will get further lost with money. They need a hard lesson in life about whats really important, and maybe that’s the only thing that money really can buy.


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