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Tough-Minds & Open Minds

“Approximately 73% of the universe is composed of Dark Energy. Dark Matter comprises 21% and the remaining 4% constitutes the stuff we ‘know’. What we ‘know’ is only a small fraction of the total amount of data existing in the cosmos. As an optimist, I do not claim to be certain of the universe’s benevolence, but I am absolutely confident in the following: we never have enough information to be pessimistic. Negative judgments, just like all other judgments which purport to be rational, require evidence. And since the amount of stuff we don’t know is greater than the amount of stuff we do know, the evidence for hopelessness and pending doom is inconclusive at best. We don’t need to CHEER up. We just need to OPEN up. The universe is filled with possibilities and we don’t even know the half.”


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