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“Crossing The Bridge”

SPACES in time, moments revisited that CAPTURE your mind and HOLD it hostage, if even… for a second, a minute…an hour. But… as the stretch from a “rubber band” produces, I SNAP back into reality. Or is it my men-tal-ity…of an ILLUSION that I dreamed of, that streamed FROM, that dark place within my psyche… FLASH! In the blink of an eye…LIGHT, not as the illumination, but a MANIFESTATION…of how I feel, now that I KNOW the wait is OVER…FOUR-leaf clover? Never, this is not luck, but the “seasonally” anticipated matter of INTIMATE timing, that was predestined upon the clock of God’s heart, for MY life. I am HERE, I am FREE…I…JUST am…me. So, you SEE, there is no STOPPING destiny’s PURPOSE…every inkling or ANTICIPATED notion, is the motion, of a GREATER planned act of LOVE from the Master…don’t EVER think of life’s bumps and bruises…as disasters…they are training programs and testaments of plas-tered images upon your heart, that will reproduce copies of the ORIGINAL intent…IT’S really, god-sent…and MEANT to make you STRONGER. Therefore, I NO longer, look at them as pieces of parched paper or smears on my glass MOSAIC image of the ESSENCE of my being….Nooooo! I EMBRACE them as that NEXT amazing glittering, stone-colored part of me, that will continually complete my soul…making me WHOLE-some and TRUE…You THOUGHT you knew…smh…you had no IDEA….#TakingStonesBuildingBridges#


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