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Be Confidently You!

“There is as much power in being at peace with misunderstanding as there is in possessing the ability to persuasively explain yourself. You will not always receive the opportunity to tell your full story. And even when you are given the chance to share your version of the facts, you will not always be heard, charitably interpreted, or believed. The sooner you can learn to maintain a positive and productive focus in spite of those who don’t “get you”, the more effective you will be at fulfilling your life’s purpose. Your beliefs, words, and actions are never going to make sense to everyone. Decide ahead of time why you do what you do and who or what you’re doing it for. Then stick with your principles and enjoy your life. There’s no time to be effective (or personally fulfilled) if you spend as much energy justifying as you do creating. Feedback is cool, but don’t be enslaved by the incessant need to respond it.”Image


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