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“By perseverance the snail reached the ark.”

Inside each and every one of us is something that is without a doubt, Positively Amazing… You may not think of it as such, but it is there nonetheless. That Positively Amazing piece that’s inside of you, will not be exactly the same as that which is inside another, it’s one of a kind, as unique as you… Find it, Embrace it, and Share it with Joy, Peace & Laughter!


“If you say, ‘I am in pain’, I can only take your word for it. I may know what it’s like to experience my version of pain, but I will never know what it’s like to experience pain AS YOU. My personal experience only allows me to understand what it means to experience pain AS THE PERSON THAT I AM. I may know what it’s like to meet the same pain-inducing phenomena as you, but I can’t have the experience of knowing what it’s like to endure that pain while simultaneously harboring YOUR thoughts, YOUR personal history, YOUR dreams, YOUR skills, YOUR fears, YOUR insecurities, YOUR disadvantages, YOUR advantages, YOUR maturity level, etc. Challenges are universal, but pain is particular. Evaluating the size of a person’s problem really isn’t possible without having first-hand knowledge of the pain that is being processed by the one who’s experiencing the problem. When we’re tempted to take score of who has it easy and who doesn’t, it’s probably wiser, more compassionate, and less arrogant to just admit that none of us really know the FULL STORY of what anyone else is going through.”

“Our life’s journey goes through cycles just like a tree. A tree changes from green leaves and flowers to bare branches then back to green leaves and flowers. With the right oxygen, nutrients, water, sunlight and caring, it can produce magnificent foliage yet it will still go through a dormant period. How well we tend to our inner being, feed it with good thoughts and keep hope in our heart determines how well we weather life’s storms and guide our journey to a better place.”


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